Coffee and … My Latest Hauls

Yesterday, S shared his Christmas hauls. Today, I'm sitting down with a coffee to look at the latest additions to my own bookshelf. The Coffee: This week I'm drinking a Steampunk coffee. The Ugandan Rwenzori with tasting notes of strawberry and milk chocolate. The Books: I haven't added a lot of books to my shelf... Continue Reading →

Book Review: No Big Deal by Bethany Rutter

""Fat Bitch," he spits. Of course he does. It's the default insult. The insult to rule all insults. I can't argue back, because it's true. I am fat. Suit loser wins this round. Way to harsh my buzz, suit loser. Even though the insult doesn't come as a surprise, it still hurts. It still makes... Continue Reading →

I Pick My Own January TBR

Hold the press. I am actually choosing my own TBR for the first time in about two years. I decided to treat myself because January is my birthday month. This list went through several drafts before I settled on 8 books I wanted to read. They're all recent additions to Mount Ted (my giant pile... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Hello friends, and Happy New Year! I am not quite prepared for it to be a whole new year yet. I don't really go in for making resolutions or the "new year, new me" philosophy any more, so aside from scoffing a cracking dinner and tidying the house up ready for heading back to work... Continue Reading →

Happy Christmas

Hi Everyone, I'm not going to waffle on today, just dropping in to say that (with the exception of my last #SixforSunday post), this will be my last blog post of 2019. I'm taking a wee break to enjoy Christmas with my little family Thanks to everyone who has read this blog, commented or been... Continue Reading →

2019 in books

Ok, it's not quite the end of 2019, but I'm signing off tomorrow for a Christmas break (barring my two Six for Sunday Posts), so this is my last wrap up of the year up to today. Humour me. This year I had TBRs chosen by Rosie, Cora, Amy, Amy-Louise, Steph, Kelly, Jemma, Adele, Martha,... Continue Reading →

A Bookish November

This month my TBR was chosen by Amyand she picked some amazing books for me to read this month. Stats Books Read: 13 Pages Read: 5071 Star Ratings: 5* : Wildspark by Vashti Hardy, The Elsewhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie, The Golden Butterfly by Sharon Gosling, and The Curses by Laure Eve. 4.5*: Explorers on... Continue Reading →

Tsam Picks My December TBR

It's the last month of 2019, and I've roped in another wonderful friend to choose me a TBR to see me into the new year. The lovely Tsam, brilliant friend, bookseller, and little S's fave, has chosen me a lush list of cosy reads for the festive season. Here's what he picked: 1. Angel Mage... Continue Reading →

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