Coffee and … 2020 Releases I’m Excited For

This week, I'm sitting with my coffee to reflect on the upcoming releases I am excited for. Join me? The Coffee: This week's coffee is the delightful El Aguila from Steampunkwith tasting notes of sweet fruits and honey. This has been getting me through a lot of busy mornings recently, and I have enjoyed it... Continue Reading →

Coffee and … Books I’m Looking Forward To

This week I am sitting down with my coffee to look at some books coming up in the rest of 2019 that I am really excited for. Join me? The Coffee: Another coffee from Clifton this week. The Peruvian Dios Te De has tasting notes of plum, blossom honey and praline. It's an interesting coffee.... Continue Reading →

Coffee and … June Releases I’m Excited For

Join me in a coffee, whilst I rave about some books I'm looking forward to next month. The Coffee: This week, I'm drinking Muhara AB, a Kenyan filter coffee from Rounton Coffee Roasters. Kenyans are probably my favourite coffees to drink and this one is particularly exceptional with notes of raspberry and lemon. The perfect... Continue Reading →

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