#SixforSunday Books People Associate With You

Happy Sunday! Today is the third week in #SixforSunday's Getting to know you theme. If all goes according to plan, then at the time this goes live I shall be sitting in my favourite breakfast haunt with our hostess Steph having some excellent food and cups of tea. This week's prompt is books people associate... Continue Reading →

#SixforSunday Favourite Books of 2019

The absolute cheek of Steph wanting me to narrow down my 2019 to six favourite books for the second week of #SixforSunday Getting to Know You. The most important thing to know about me? That's not happening. I have far too many favourites to narrow them down to a mere six. So, here are six... Continue Reading →

#SixforSunday Bookish Resolutions

It's time for the first #SixforSunday of 2020! If you're new here, #SixforSunday is a weekly feature hosted by the lovely Steph with a different theme / prompt each week. Check out her blog for more info. This month's theme is Getting to Know You, starting with bookish resolutions. There's nothing like easing us gently... Continue Reading →

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