ThursTag: The Not Good Enough Tag

I found this tag a while ago at Dream Land Book Blog and it looked fun. You have to write down 30 characters and draw out random pairs for each question. Then decide which character is the best for each scenario and, by default, which character is "not good enough" for that situation. 1. You... Continue Reading →

The Viper Book Tag

Normal Thursday service is resumed and I am sharing The Viper Book Tag! Irrelevant side note: I really miss this beach. This tag was originally created by Scorpio Book Dreams, but I saw it over on Steph's blog recently and knew I had to do it because I am obsessed with these books. Marianne: A... Continue Reading →

ThursTag: The Greek Myth

I found this on The Book Nut blog when googling book tags to find some I hadn't done before. I love Greek Myths and this looked like a fun tag to do. So, here we are. Zeus, The King Sky God - Favourite book Fake news. No. I don't have a single favourite book and... Continue Reading →

ThursTag : Epic Reads Book Tag

This came to my attention via Steph (of course it did) but is originally from Reading, Reading, Reading blog, so check both of those out! 1. If you could invite one author and one of their fictional characters to tea, who you invite and what you would you serve them? Melinda Salisbury. I would love... Continue Reading →

ThursTag : The A – Z Book Tag

It's Thursday, it's Tag day, and today I'm doing the massive A - Z Book Tag that I pinched from Steph's blog. A -Author you've read the most from.¬†Apparently this is Alice Hoffman. I have read 21 of her books. I adore her writing and went through a phase of binge reading everything of her's... Continue Reading →

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