Coffee and… My August TBR

It's TBR time again! Join me in a coffee whilst I share what I'll be reading this month? The Coffee: This week I'm drinking Steampunk's Brazilian Fazenda Cachoeira with tasting notes of nuts and milk chocolate. We have been drinking it iced, and the chocolate notes really come through on this one. It's delightful! The... Continue Reading →

May Bullet Journal

Sharing my bullet journal spreads is not something I usually do on a Monday, but here we are. My blogging schedule has gone a little squiffy with being under the weather the last week or so, but I didn't want to miss sharing this month's journal, because I am really pleased with how it turned... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… Tsam Picks My May TBR

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday. Today I am sharing my last TBR chosen by someone fabulous friend Tsam has picked me a brilliant selection for this month! Join me in a coffee whilst I look at what he chose? The Coffee: This week, I'm drinking the delicious Amparo Maya Guerrero from Workshop Coffee. It's... Continue Reading →

Series Crackdown Readathon and my TBR

Another day, another readathon! Yes, that's right. I am bonkers and am taking on two readathons in one month whilst co-hosting them both. Moving swiftly on... This round of Series Crackdown will run from 2nd to 11th April and is a readathon designed to help you tackle all those unread series books on your TBR!... Continue Reading →

Viperthon TBR

Happy Thursday! It is the start of a new month and the Viperthon readathon (if you're not already on board, then please check out my post here, and those from my co-hosts Sarah, Steph, and Tsam and sign up). Today, I'm sharing my planned TBR for the readathon. Despite being a huge over-achiever and wanting... Continue Reading →

Sarah Picks My January TBR

Happy New Year and here's hoping this year is some improvement on the last one. I've been absent from blogging for a while for a bunch of reasons, but I'm hoping to get back to it more consistently this year. To kick off the year, my lovely friend Sarah has chosen me an ambitious and... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… Sarah Picks my TBR

It's a new month, which means a new reading list. This month's is chosen by one of my best blogging friends, Sarah from Sarah Withers Blogs. The Coffee: This week's coffee is the Brazilian Lockdown special from our favourites at Steampunk. The Caxambu has tasting notes of hazelnut and toffee. The Books: Sarah has kindly... Continue Reading →

Kelly Picks My June TBR

It's a new month, and that means a new TBR, this month chosen by the lovely Kelly of Kelly's Rambles. Kelly has chosen me a great looking stack of books to get me through June, which is great, because this last week I have re-found my love of sitting in the garden in the sunshine... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… Latest Book Hauls

Whose bright idea was it to buy book and not post a haul for over 2 months? Oh. That's right. Mine. Balls. Join me in a (LARGE) coffee whilst I try to remember buying books? The Coffee: This week I am drinking a coffee from the DRC, roasted by Square Mile. The Muungano Natural has... Continue Reading →

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