Review Policy

Thank you for stopping by, and taking the time to read my review policy. As my time is limited, I have to be selective about the books I accept for review, so I do appreciate people taking the time to read the below.


I am currently unable to commit to reading any new books which require a review before the end of September 2018. I may, however, be able to offer you a spotlight or guest post for your book within this timescale with a review to follow later in the year. If this would interest you, please contact me.


I am happy to accept physical copies of books or e-books which are compatible with Kindle e-readers.

Preferred Genres:

  • Picture books
  • Middle Grade:
    • Fantasy
    • Dystopia
    • Contemporary
    • Magical Realism
    • Adventure
  • Young Adult:
    • Fantasy
    • Dystopia
    • Contemporary
    • Magical Realism
    • Science-Fiction
    • Thriller.
  • Adult:
    • Magical Realism
    • Crime/ Thriller (providing they are not too gory)

Genres/ Subjects I Will Not Review:

  • Erotica
  • Religious
  • Horror
  • Historical Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Non-Fiction
  • I will not review any books which contain graphic descriptions of violence or vomiting.
  • Due to my personal history, I will not review any books which contain traumatic childbirth.

What you can expect from me:

Upon receipt of your request, I will work with you to agree a timescale for reviewing your book.

Picture books and Middle Grade books suitable for 5-7 year olds will generally be read with my son, and we provide joint reviews in a regular feature called Books with the Boy. If you would prefer me not to review your book in this way, please let me know when contacting me.

For all other books, I will provide a comprehensive review of your book, including quotes and photos I have taken of your book. If required, I am also happy to include a sales link and information about the author. I will also provide a shorter review on Goodreads and Amazon. I am happy to cross-post this to any other sites you may require.

I do not use star ratings on my blog, but I do observe the standard star ratings on Goodreads and Amazon. If I do not feel able to review your book as 3* or more then I will contact you to advise of this and we can decide together on the next steps. If I feel unable to finsh reading your book for any reason, then I will contact you to advise on this and I will not provide a review.

Blog Tours:

I am happy to participate in blog tours and provide review, spotlight posts, extracts and host Q and As. My blog tour reviews will include information about the book and the author as well as my review and a link to purchase the book. I am happy to consider additions to this if required.



Twitter: @charlotteswhere

If you have clearly not read the above then I do not guarantee a response to your email. Thank you for your understanding.


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